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Language Shine will provide a focused Mock Interview session to help you be prepared for your job interview. Invest just $35 USD to spend half an hour with a Fortune 500 HR professional doing a mock job interview.

Practice Interviewing.  Get Feedback. Get the job.

Thank you for making learning fun.  I don’t want to work with another tutor now!


I have had two sessions with Robert and he has been absolutely wonderful. He is very patient and does a great job in trying to explain and simplify…


I like how Robert communicated with me beforehand of the session to talk about the mock interview process. He has provided helpful feedback during the session and additional materials for interview preparation. Thanks Robert!
Sherry Y

IAM Analyst

My goal was to train for an interview at the big IT company and my teacher did it the best way! He asked difficult questions and gave feedback.


Forbes magazine created a list of 10 essential steps to

prepare yourself for a job interview.


rated conducting a mock interview as the #4 item to tackle when preparing for a job interview. It’s best to practice with someone you’ve never met since that’s the dynamic you’ll encounter on interview day.  A job interview is a critical moment in your life and it’s the wrong time to be unprepared.    I’m an experienced HR professional who has worked for over 10 years at Fortune 500 companies in the HR department as well as headhunting and recruiting firms.  I specialized in tech-based roles.

I’ll do a 30 minutes session that consists of 15-minute mock interview with you then afterward, I’ll spend 15 minutes giving you honest objective feedback that can help you interview better..  I’ll give you tips on what to improve so when your REAL interview day approaches you’ll be prepared and more likely to get the job offer you’re seeking.

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