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It’s time to learn English the way you want to learn.  Learn where you want.  Learn when you want. Choosing the right teacher is an important choice.  Start with a free trial lesson below.

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Language Shine.

The right choice.

Many reasons to choose Language Shine.

Choosing the right tutor is important to improve your speaking.   Have a free trial first before you decide if Language Shine is right for you.

TEFL Certified

Only TEFL certified experienced English teachers.

Have fun

Learning should be fun.  You’ll learn more if you enjoy learning..

Great content

Modern content from the real world instead of old books from 1980.


Pay teachers direct so the rate is more affordable.

Get Feedback

You will receive feedback on what to improve and how to improve.

Goal focused

Improve what YOU want to improve. Learning will target what you want to improve.

Become a Business English pro.

Robert is a certified TEFL with experience teaching overseas.  He’s also a Fortune 500 professional that can assist with business English.

You will be happy with your learning. Guaranteed.


If you aren’t happy with your lesson you don’t have to pay. That’s the gaurantee with Language Shine learning.


Practice English where you want and when you want.   Language Shine is the right choice for improving your language ability.


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